Adam Gilchrist

Hello. I'm Adam Gilchrist's homepage. No, not the cricket player. (Or am I? Who can tell?) Rather the bass player from Birmingham, England. I've drawn a rather fine picture of myself as you will see here ->

I'm actually quite a lot better looking than this simple representation might suggest, and have considerably more hair.

If you would like to send me any praise for the construction of this home page I can be contacted at:

Adam Likes:

Music, Nice pints of Burton, Sleeping, being mistaken for famous cricket players (hello Proma!).

Adam Dislikes:

Conservatives (apart from William "wild billy" Hague, who I think is really funny) [Note to non English readers: the Conservatives were an English political party of the 1980s and early 1990s, now consigned to the waste bin of history.]

That Dreadful Feltz Woman [Note to non English readers: if you know who I'm referring to God help you.]

Many people have asked if I should remove Feltz as a dislike now that she's dead, but the majority of correspondence I've had on the matter comes from people who hold the strong and if I might say, patriotic, view that dying in such a tragic and unforeseen way in no way makes up for the indisputable and fragrant indiscredubility which she forced on unwitting and law abiding centrally funded (if often part time and more that a little work shy (although not in the latter years)) small children, that accidental public dismemberment was too good for her.

Being asked if I have a supermarket loyalty card.