Adam Gilchrist (bass)

Adam GilchristAdam is an experienced and adaptable musician who came to jazz through classical music and rock. He played French horn and piano from the age of eight and performed with a variety of orchestras, choirs and other ensembles while at school. At 17 Adam took up the bass and at 18 he joined a band run by Steve Robinson, a long time collaborator with guitarist Alan Holdsworth. As a student at Birmingham University Adam played with a number of rock bands including Izzy the Push and ABOW.

Adam’s association with jazz recommenced after 1990 with frequent appearances at the Cannonball jazz club in Birmingham, where he first met Tim and other members of the current band. He became the regular bass player with popular Birmingham based saxophonist Steve Ajao and still continues to work with a number of other bands, playing regularly at a variety of prestigious venues across the country. The breadth of his experience as a performer is considerable, and includes a solo bass and “punk poet” collaboration to a perplexed, but appreciative audience on his home turf of Moseley! He has also performed with British jazz stars Guy Barker, Gerard Presencer and Julian Arguelles.

Adam joined the Tim Amann Quartet in 1997 prior to the Scottish tours and since 1998 he has also been a member of the Walsall Jazz Orchestra. His subtle drive and melodic awareness make him a very influential member of the band.