The Prince of Wales

One thing I've noticed playing gigs around the country over the last couple of decades is that it's rare to play anywhere where the beer's any good.

"The band would like some beer, would they? Here's a nice can of Boddingtons Smooth Pour"...

It seems increasingly common now for pubs to try and disguise the fact the the beer's cheap and tasteless by serving it "extra cold", so disguising the fact that it's made entirely of E numbers and chemical effluent.

The Prince of Wales seems to be a fine exception to this rule. They've got 8 or so real ales, all in excellent condition, a comprehensive wine list, a range of ciders and some lagers ("for the lady"). And food!

In the summer there are free all day events in the garden. Sadly, no jazz in the Prince at the moment, but there is across the road.

The Prince of Wales, 118 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EE (map)

There's some more about the Prince here.

Prince of Wales Garden